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USB 12 in 1 Camera Kit - click to enlarge
USB 12 in 1 Camera Kit - click to enlarge

GoldX® QuickConnect® Hi-Speed USB Cable

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Product Usage:

No longer do you have to purchase multiple cables when you are connecting your various USB cameras! The QuickConnect™ series from GoldX Products now provides you with two new ways to connect multiple USB configurations within one package to fit all your camera needs. All you have to do is choose the appropriate connectors for your specific purpose connecting your Computer or USB Hub to your Digital Camera, PDA, Cell Phone, Printer, Scanner, Digital Video Camera to Digital Video Camera - doesn't matter! Also included with this cable is a connector case for convenient storage of the USB connectors not in use.

* Product Features: Detachable Gold Plated Connectors For Added Convenience
* Compatible with Toshiba, Konica, Minolta and More
* Compatible with Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax
* Premium Quality
* Foil and Braid Shielding To Reduce EMI/RFI Interference
* Designed For Low, Full and Hi-speed USB Transmissions For Optimal Performance
* Compatible with Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Sharp

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USB 12 in 1 Camera Kit